Believe in your Future


Believe you can achieve your dreams!



For about 5 days now I’ve been experiencing chest pain. We were in contact with rheumatology and I went to see my pediatrician. She at first believed it was muscle related due to prednisone, rheumatology then came back and said it’s costochondritis, inflammation of the breast bone. It has been very painful thus far, rheumatology said today it should last 1-2 weeks but this is a chronic illness that will flare up for the rest of my life. There are no medications, no treatments, just to take Aleve. They said I need to rest but it doesn’t seem to be getting better and for the past two days I’ve had an on and off fever. It’s worst at night especially when I go to bed, trying to get comfortable is a challenge. It hurts to breath, laugh, cough, sneeze, and it hurts to touch. Trying to stay as positive as I can, even though I’ve found no relief yet I know this can’t last forever.

This weather we’ve been having on east coast hasn’t been helping, I’m looking forward to warmer weather.



When you accomplish something, especially something you never thought you’d be able to, you feel proud of yourself. Whether it’s walking around the block, cleaning the house, finishing a big paper, anything. Make goals for yourself in all aspects of your life. Make longterm goals, yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals. Even on your hardest days make simple goals. On the days you want nothing more than to stay wrapped up in bed, get up and get dressed, it’ll make you feel 1000x better. You’ll feel like you actually accomplished something even if it’s a simple task to most. So tomorrow accomplish something and see how much better you feel about yourself.

Keep smiling,

Speaking Up and Getting the Word Out

About 300,000 children have juvenile arthritis in the United States that’s about 1 in 250. Mixed Connective Tissue Disease is more rare especially in children. But to the 300,000 kids, you have much work ahead. We have to make our mark, get the attention of America and get attention of the government. Too many kids are scared of speaking up and getting the word out about their disease when the truth is, what do you have to loose? Scream it from the mountains tops, “I HAVE ARTHRITIS”. It seems a lot harder than it is, after a while you get used to the confused looks and doubtful faces, but you will learn to explain yourself. Be proud because you’ll be admired by others without the disease and by others with disease who look up to you. Be your own advocate and don’t let anyone step on you. Stay strong and spread the word, not only for yourself but for the rest of us, all fighting to spread the word everyday. Think of the difference you could make in this world.